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Many organizations have embarked on DevOps transformation programs, investing significant sums of money. These programs have been disrupted by the global pandemic, as remote working affects a fundamental premise of DevOps – close collaboration. Firms are now asking themselves:

  • Do we really know where we are in the DevOps journey?

  • Are all components progressing at the same speed and in the same direction?

  • Are we delivering value for money and what KPIs should we use to measure success?

  • What is the cost of the disruption and where should we be spending next?

To help our clients measure the effectiveness of their DevOps transformations, we have developed a maturity model based on recent successes at major global banks, which we present in this paper. The paper also examines common problems with DevOps transformations and their implications on budgets.

As the popularity of DevOps is on the rise, major spend is likely to continue in 2021 and beyond. Our maturity model will also help those planning future DevOps programs by providing milestones and KPIs to keep transformations on track.

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